i decided to grow basil in a pot this summer on my deck. in this pot i have planted three plants which are growing in a spot that is filled with sun.

i have been using the basil for the past two weeks, and it seems to be so much better tasting growing in a pot rather than in the ground. i like being able to snip the leaves and use them in my dishes, and not have them covered in splashed soil from the garden.

other herbs that i have tried in pots include: rosemary, dill, chives and parsley. along with this pot of basil, i am growing some italian parsley this year in a deck pot.

one of the best ways to chop basil is to roll the leaves and thinly slice the basil into long strips. i like to use basil as a garnish over chicken or fish. in pasta dishes, i add basil to the freshly chopped tomato sauces, or directly on the cooked pasta along with other sauteed vegetables. the basil’s spicy taste adds a great flavor and freshness to the dishes.

i have also used sliced basil over toasted slices of bread, with a tomato topping and melted cheese. this is one of my favorite easy appetizers to serve with a variety of dinner entrees.


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