shrimp and chicken wraps

are you looking for a meal in minutes? these low carb wraps are easy to make and can be ready to serve very quickly. i purchase whole wheat low carb low-fat wraps and brown them lightly in a skillet on the stove. usually this can be done with a light spray of pam olive oil on the wrap.

in a separate skillet, i grill sliced onions, peppers, and mushrooms. to this mixture i add, shrimp and cook thoroughly. then, i add chopped pre roasted white meat chicken breast. i usually roast the chicken breasts on the bone earlier in the day and cool them in the refrigerator. just before dinner time, i remove the meat from the bone and chop. this step saves a great deal of time.

when the skillet mixture is ready, i serve on the shell, and add freshly cut toppings. today, i used cucumber, grape tomatoes, dry cole slaw mix and sliced romaine lettuce.

to finish off the wrap, i drizzle Marzetti poppy-seed dressing. this wrap is very tasty and could be made with a variety of toppings based on personal preferences.

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