one of my favorite herbs to grow has always been lemon balm. the scent of the leaves is quite refreshing and the herb can be used in a variety of ways, although until today, i have never actually baked with lemon balm.

for many years, this recipe has been in a folder just waiting to be made. and, today was the perfect day. my lemon balm needed harvesting, since it was already very tall and shadowing my nearby yarrow that was desiring more sunlight.

the lemon balm leaves are chopped and added to 3/4 cup of milk on the stove, heated to infuse the scent of the plant. after the mixture is cooled, traditional cake ingredients are added. eggs, sugar, softened butter, flour, and baking powder. the last couple of ingredients make this cake special. adding grated lemon zest and fresh or frozen blueberries complete the recipe.

after 60 minutes in a 350 degree oven, the cake is ready to serve. after it cooled, i dusted the top with powdered sugar. after the first taste, i regretted not trying this recipe sooner. so delicious.


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