About one year ago, I decided to try my old fashioned popcorn popper. We have owned this whirley pop for at least twenty years. With my health conscious focus, I decided against any microwave popcorn for snack times. Instead, I found this old popcorn popper and have revived it for popping. It is an amazing popper, using only a tablespoon or a bit more of canola oil, and traditional popcorn kernels.

Within a couple of minutes on the stove, a whole tin of popcorn is popped. Free from unwanted vegetable oils, butter, or other additives, this popcorn tastes fresh and healthy.
The popper makes more than two people can snack on for a movie, so there is always leftovers for another day.
Recently, i have seen the popper in stores, and I would highly recommend one for the entire family.

Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper



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