chocolate thumbprint cookies

one of my favorite cookbooks is Martha Stewart’s cookies cookbook.  published a couple of years ago, it has been a wonderful guide for a variety of types of cookies that can be easily reproduced.  the cookbook is divided into sections, so it is quite easy to make a selection of cookies to serve with a variety of shapes and textures.  these chocolate thumbprints are partially baked, then thumb printed, and returned to the oven to complete the baking process.


once cooled, the chocolate filling is added and allowed to harden over three hours prior to serving.  i chose to serve the cookies as a nice addition to vanilla ice cream topped with a bit of chocolate syrup.  the chocolate filling is neither sweet nor bittersweet, but offers just the right amount of chocolate goodness.

Martha’s recipe makes approximately three dozen.  they stored well in a covered container with layers of waxed paper.

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