crusty popovers are a delicious treat to offer friends and family for any meal of the day.  for breakfast, popovers are served with jam or fruit butters to accompany any breakfast entree.

for lunch time meals, popovers can be served with a quiche, chicken salad or a summer fruit salad.  for dinner, popovers are traditionally served with a roast, but compliment any supper entree.  during thanksgiving week, i baked smaller popovers instead of the traditional larger size often noted in most recipes.  i own two sizes of popover pans, and it must be noted to choose the proper recipe for the size of the pan.  the larger popover recipes will often state the quantity as six popovers.  for the smaller variety, the pan offers 12 spaces.

here is my favorite recipe for popovers from the herbal breads cookbook by Donna Frawley:

2 eggs, 1 cup milk, 1 cup all purpose flour, 1/4 tsp salt.  preheat the oven and the popover pan at 425 degrees.  beat eggs and add milk.  add flour and salt.  beat for 2 minutes with electric hand mixer.  remove pan from oven and spray with non stick spray.  pour batter evenly into pan filling only 2/3 full.  bake for 25 minutes and check if using a smaller 12 popover pan.  if using a larger pan for 6 popovers, check at 30 minutes.  maximum cooking time for the larger popovers would be 40 minutes.

serve warm for the best result. these popovers can be varied with cheese, dill, almond and poppy seeds, or even herbs.  experiment by adding a 1 tsp of your favorite flavors.

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