green eggs and ham

to celebrate st. Patrick’s day this year, i made green eggs and ham omelettes for my family.  here is the omelette during cooking.  i used a mixture of egg beaters and eggs, and whisked them well, pouring into the heated omelette pan.  i usually use a slice of margarine mixed with a couple of teaspoons of olive oil pre-heated in the pan prior to pouring the eggs into the pan.

i added spinach, salt, and pepper.  when the eggs were fully cooked, i added in the deli slice of ham, and folded the omelette over into the traditional shape.  these omelettes will stay warm in the oven while the rest of the omelettes are cooked for the remaining members of the family.

if desired, spinach can be added to the pan first, before the eggs are added.  the omelettes will have more green on the exterior instead of just inside of the dish.

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