mixed greens from my garden

another first for me this year is growing my own mixed greens in my garden.  these greens were grown in a large pot on my deck from seed planted after memorial day.  these are mixed tender greens, and the aroma from this lettuce is unmatched to anything i have ever purchased in the grocery store or even a farmer’s market.

i am guessing that cutting these greens fresh from the garden, bringing them into the kitchen to lightly wash, and serving within an hour, has to be the freshest vegetable that i have ever tasted.  they were both tender and light, with a nutty and peppery taste. i can’t believe that lettuce has so much flavor  these greens barely needed any type of dressing.  they were perfect with sunflower seeds and dried cherries on a clear glass salad plate that made them glisten.

i planted the seeds in a pot to protect them from my garden bunnies and it worked.  my deck is very sunny and i was able to move the pot day to day to adjust the amount of sun the greens needed for optimal growth.  if you have space to grow greens, and at least five hours of sunlight per day, i would certainly attempt mixed greens.  i look forward to more this year from my deck pot.

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