rosa rugosa

on a trip this past weekend to Mackinac island, Michigan, i found this magnificent hedge of Rosa rugosa.  growing near the lake, this hedge lined a white picket fence that reminded me of new england.  Rosa rugosa grows almost wild on the island of Nantucket in the Atlantic ocean.  the climate for this shrub seems to be near the water, which allows this plant to just flourish and grow like nowhere else i have ever seen.

the bushes often form a hedge and flower, then leaving rose hips, which can be gathered to make potpourri or even perfumed oil.  i remember when i first saw Rosa rugosa on a trip to Nantucket in the early 90’s and was captured by the size and beauty of this shrub rose.  i photographed my daughter Amy near the beautiful hedge.

here in very cold northern Michigan by the lake, spectacular Rosa rugosa grows.  i am so lucky to be living two hours from the beautiful lakes in Michigan.  the moderate temperatures, cool breezes and beautiful views cannot be matched by many other locations.  the climate is very similar to that of new england and the amount of shore line is vastly greater, offering more opportunity to find a perfect spot to live on the water. that is my dream.

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