pizza garden

 i was reading an article the other day about growing a pizza garden.  i thought that was a really clever way to get more people interested in growing vegetables. although i truly love to grow perennials and especially old fashioned flowers and herbs, i have been tending to a small vegetable patch this year in one of my garden beds.

for the pizza garden, the author recommends growing tomatoes, basil, oregano, peppers and onions.  coincidentally, those plants are growing in my garden this year.  i have been harvesting tomatoes, green onions, and the herbs for several weeks now and enjoying them in a variety of dishes.  the salsa peppers are still maturing on the plants.

since i am a novice at growing vegetables, i have learned that keeping the green onions growing allows them to get larger by the week, and although the flavor is the same, the stalks of the onion have been growing thicker and truly impressive in size.  my four tomato plants will produce more than thirty-five tomatoes for a cost of only $1.79 when purchased this past may.

my herb garden includes both perennial herbs and annual herbs such as basil and parsley.  it has certainly been fun to make meals with fresh additions from my garden this year.  my success has inspired me to move some of my perennials this fall and expand my vegetable beds.


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