the mixture of coneflowers in my garden this summer have been spectacular.  they have multiplied and extended far beyond the space i created for them.  so, this fall i will divide and share them with other sun filled areas of my yard.

coneflowers typically have a cone center and are considered an herbaceous perennial.  their green leaves begin early in the season, with the flower petals developing later in the summer. some species are known to attract disease, but my flowers this year have grown wonderfully disease free.  early in the season, i spray the first leaves near the soil with a fungicide and this has seemed to prevent the disease from even beginning to form on the plants.

i have enjoyed mapping out my garden bloom schedule this year, and have had at least one type of flower in bloom since late April this year.  these coneflowers are a wonderful addition to my august garden of blooms; where garlic chives, mums, baby’s breath, roses, bee balm, and sweet peas are blooming.


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