tea from india

my friend who lives in India with her husband on assignment, sent me these teas grown there.  she knows that i simply love to drink tea, and find it as an escape from whatever is going on in my world that day.  Indian tea is said to be grown in the land of sunshine and ice where people practice yoga, meditation and love their land and nature.

i truly understand the idea of mediation and tea drinking, as i love to savor the flavor of the tea and focus on the warmth and pleasing aroma from the tea cup. with the many cold months ahead in Michigan, i have already begun to stock up on my tea packages. reading the information on this package enlightened me to the world of growing tea leaves.

in India, some of the best tea grows in elephant country, which provides the very fertile soil for the tea leaf growth.  master tea tasters select the leaves for their flavor and brightness. the Assam area lies in the north east district of India.

i am thrilled to be drinking such an elite package of tea and thoroughly appreciate her gift to me.


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