beautiful fall color in the garden

my autumn joy sedum have been beautiful since august when they began to bloom and have continued to stay dependable through November.  although they are a bit toppled from the rain and leaves, the plants’ color is strong and vibrant adding a beautiful drift to the border of my driveway.  these plants have grown and multiplied well over the past four years and have been a wonderful selection for my yard.

here is one of four burning bushes on my property that are again spectacular this fall.  the brilliant red is a beautiful eye catching display for my mailbox garden that welcomes guests up the driveway to our home.  the leaves complement my fall perennial mums that grow around the mailbox.  also at the street level, perennial lavender adds a contrast in texture and color to the bed.  checking the mail at the box every day is a treat, with the heavenly scent of the lavender and beautiful fall colors to greet me.

the backyard garden has been put to bed, and only the patches of herbs are still growing within my picketed fenced area.  the fall leaves are beautiful and adorn my garden shed and extra garage space.  fall in the garden has been a treat for me this year, with the appreciation of the season change.

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