during another one of my travels to northern Michigan i found a great product at American spoon foods.  this store is located in several northern Michigan towns and is filled with wonderful jams, jellies, relishes, and spreads.

on our last visit to traverse city, i found this new tomato relish that can be used as a condiment with chicken, grilled fish or even just on toasty bread.

since the tomato patch in my garden has finished for the season, i decided to open this jar and sample the relish.

this relish is superb!  it contains apples, onions, green bell peppers, cider vinegar, and a wonderful mix of seasonings.  it is not tart and not sweet, but has the most delicious taste on pita crisps.

it could very easily be poured over cream cheese to serve as an appetizer, or used with a mild melted cheese over crackers. i could use this as a sandwich condiment with turkey or chicken. i highly recommend this product.  it is one of the best condiments i have ever sampled.

for more information on American spoon food products, visit their website at:



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