fall at dow gardens

every time of year is a good time for a walk throughout dow gardens in midland michigan. the gardens were started by herbert dow, the founder of dow chemical, in 1899.  although the gardens began as a lovely place for dow and his family to enjoy; they have grown to 110 acres of lovely rooms of flowers, plants, vegetables, amazing trees, shrubs and more.

the stone, paved and mulched pathways lead visitors around the gardens, however; the best paths are those taken off the suggested routes.  over the gr ass and through the backways of the gardens are some of the most beautiful trees and scenic views.

everyone can become a photographer in the gardens, because every view is spectacular.  several styles of bridges allow visitors to cross streams to reach a conservatory, azalea island, a vintage barn and a tour of sculptural objects. a conifer garden lines the boulder walkway that leads to a spectacular waterfall.

this view from the pathway along the “bumps” is one of my favorite spaces in the gardens.  in the spring, azaleas bloom, a kousa dogwood lights up the focal point of the walk, and the sounds of the waterfall become clear at the intersection ahead. last week, this space was equally beautiful along the path.

take time to visit the gardens and enjoy the quiet, the beauty and the feeling of oneness with nature.

for more information, visit the website:  http://www.dowgardens.org/

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