for the past three years, i have been collecting spode woodland dishes to use during fall meals, and especially for thanksgiving dinner. this pattern has been a favorite of many since 1828.  it features british game animals and the english countryside, bringing elegance to homes throughout the years.
in my small collection, i have the rabbit, red grouse, and other game featured.  i have been using the heavy pewter dishes pictured, for most of the past two decades, for thanksgiving meals. and now, the woodland pattern blends nicely with them.
on a recent shopping trip to cutler’s in petoskey, i found a wonderful collection of spode woodland on display.  they had several tables of the various hunting dogs, fish, game and turkeys.
my enjoyment in collecting several patterns of dishes has grown through the years and my hope is that the memories of the meals and these dishes will live on for many years to come.

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