last year i made a gingerbread house from a kit purchased online.  the sides of the gingerbread house were prebaked and i supplied the decorations and icing.  this was a nice way to spend about three hours creating a special decoration for the kitchen cupboard.

i purchased a wide variety of red, green and white candies in various sizes for decorating the house. i also experimented with a variety of royal icing recipes for use as the “glue” in constructing the house.  some of the icing recipes fail to harden quickly, which is necessary for attaching the decorations.  if the icing is too soft and doesn’t harden effectively, the decorations will slide down the sides of the house. 

each side of the house must be attached slowly and held before continuing the process, to allow for the icing to harden and secure the gingerbread in place.

once the sides and the roof of the house are securely attached, the decorating begins.  this is the best part of the whole process, but will take some time and planning.  i have been making gingerbread houses for years, but have tried different styles and designs, and have made my own gingerbread walls and roof in the past.  i think eliminating the steps of baking and cutting the gingerbread is well advised, especially for the novice baker.  those steps would require two additional days of preparation.  this kit worked very well.

for more information about pre baked gingerbread houses, please follow this link:


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