easy grilled pineapple chicken

my family loves grilled chicken.  over the years i have created a whole library of ways to make tender chicken breasts in a variety of dishes.  one of my quick favorites is easy pineapple chicken.  using as many chicken breasts as desired to feed your guests, find a prepared marinade that has a depth of flavor.  i particularly like this brand as the pineapple sake gives the chicken a wonderful taste.

i allow the chicken breasts to soak up the flavor in a bowl, covered with plastic in the refrigerator for at least one hour before serving.  the longer the chicken is able to soak up the flavor, the better the dish will taste.
when ready to grill on the stovetop, heat the grill pan, and then, use a quick spray of canola oil to discourage sticky juices from adhering to the pan.

grill the chicken and then add the pineapple pieces, either fresh or drained from the can.  allow them to grill after the chicken has a head start on cooking.  i usually decrease the temperature of the grill pan and place a cover over the pan to allow the chicken to cook through, but not to over cook the sauce.

certainly, sliced onions or green peppers could be added to the chicken, but this recipe is quick and easy.  serve the grilled pineapple chicken over rice along with some greens for a garnish. i topped this dish with some toasted sesame seeds.  delicious !


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