crunchy mozzarella sticks

i recently found this recipe online and just had to try this concept, based on the fact that most homemade mozzarella sticks are just not as tasty as restaurant quality.  although this is not a low fat recipe, i was able to change a few ingredients to reduce the overall calorie count.

these mozzarella sticks are made with won ton wrappers instead of a breading that is deep fried.  the won ton wrappers are just perfect and really serve as a nice crispy crust around the melting cheese.  the recipe from taste of home calls for egg roll wrappers, but i decreased the size and find that the won ton wrappers work well and are less calories.

using low fat mozzarella string cheese, slice each tube in half.  using one won ton wrapper per half, place the cheese at the bottom corner of the wrapper.  fold in the same manner as for egg rolls, using a small amount of water on the fingers to seal the edges.  repeat with each wrapper.

in an electric skillet, with a very small amount of canola oil, heated to 375 degrees, brown the sticks.  one minute on each side will heat and brown the sticks.  melted cheese will start to ooze from the sticks in a very short time, so these need to be watched.  serve with salsa, marinara sauce or a favorite pasta sauce.

i served these on a pretty platter, on a bed of shredded lettuce, sprinkled with parsley. these are perfect for your super bowl guests.

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