super bowl cupcakes

this week, i was given this adorable super bowl cupcake decorating set, which i had to put to good use immediately.  i almost couldn’t wait to open the package to see how cute the decorations would look on my famous cupcake creations.
using baking cooking spray for the cupcake pans, i flour and grease them, so the cupcakes remove easily.  i never bake my cupcakes in the paper liners, but use them to serve and decorate the cupcakes.  on a recent post in this blog, my icing recipe was featured under maple icing.  i used this same recipe, but flavored the icing with Washington cherry extract, for a cheery cherry flavor.

all ready for the super bowl, we have been enjoying these cupcakes this week while watching the pre game feature shows.  thanks Karin….and good luck to Tom Brady, a real Michigan man.  go blue!


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