mini muffuletta sandwiches

prepare these sandwiches the day before the game, picnic, or the derby.  they are quite versatile and will store well in plastic zipper bags, covered tightly in plastic in the refrigerator.  they can be served with a side of coleslaw for a nice lunch.
search for the best whole wheat small dinner rolls available in the market, or slice larger ones in half.  purchase one jar of mixed pickled vegetables and if the vegetables are too large for the sandwiches, pulse them in the food processor until they are finely chopped.  this will prevent them from falling out of the mini rolls.  spread the vegetables and low fat mayo if desired on the rolls and then top with traditional muffuletta meat and cheese.
i used provolone, thin deli turkey and think deli Genoa salami.  other choices could include thin deli ham, thin deli Swiss, thin deli pepperoni, or other favorite combinations.  additional pimiento stuffed Spanish chopped olives could be added for flavor if desired. the recipe also suggests using olive oil and vinegar dressing for enhanced taste.
serve immediately, or store and chill until ready to serve. mini muffulettas will become your new family favorite, since they transport easy and are a great sports event food.

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