sage and bacon wrapped chicken tenderloins

are you searching for another way to prepare chicken tenderloins?  are you tired of endless nights of grilled chicken?  here is another technique that allows for lots of flavor and just a little more fat.

served over fresh from the garden tender lettuce, this is a great summer salad.

i simply wrap several thin tenderloins, each with a sage leaf from my garden, and a thin strip of bacon.  to prepare the chicken: grill over the stove until the bacon is crispy, while removing the bacon fat along the way.  i use a large grill pan that allows for the chicken to cook on the ridges of the pan.  the chicken is flavorful and tender.  i usually brown and then reduce the heat, while the grill pan is covered with foil to allow the chicken to cook through very well.  the sage leaf gives another great fresh flavor to the chicken.

the chicken over the salad can be served just as is, or with a nice dressing. one to two tenderloins is usually a standard size serving.

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