eight layer salad

last week, we had salads week here at 6110.  when the summer heat doesn’t fade, the best type of dinner is a fresh cool salad. for years, people have made the famous seven layer salad, but this one has an extra layer of flavor.  the recipe comes from a 2000 southern living magazine, so i have made this salad many times over the years.

one of the key tips to preparing this recipe is the clear tall sided glass bowl.  try to find a clear bowl or pedestal bowl to present the eight layer salad.

to make the salad, layer these ingredients.  begin with torn iceberg lettuce, add chopped green onions, chopped green bell pepper, chopped celery, chopped red bell pepper, frozen peas that have been thawed, dry roasted peanuts, and then top with shredded Monterrey or Swiss cheese.

using a low calorie mayonnaise or canola mayonnaise, thin with milk and then cover the salad.  sprinkle sugar over the mayonnaise, and the top the salad with cooked and crumbled bacon.  of course, the bacon can be omitted. 

chill this salad for at least 4 hours prior to serving.  this eight layer salad can even be chilled 8 hours prior to serving.  when ready to serve, stir and mix the ingredients.

this is a perfect luncheon or dinner main entree salad.  adjust the amount of ingredients to serve your guests.  this large salad will serve 6-to 8 main dish servings.

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