recently we spent several days up north at harbor springs enjoying the food, shopping and the water.  the town fills with locals from nearby cities to enjoy the wonderful farmer’s market each week.   the shops are filled with nautical items, while the restaurants serve fresh grilled whitefish.

it still amazes me that such great resort towns are only two hours away. and, the atmosphere is nothing less than any town on the cape or along the Maine coast.  well..there is no salt in the air, but there is certainly the relaxation that sailboats and other water sports bring to the area.  paddle boards are popular, but the beautiful waxed wooden boats still give the classic appeal.  as vintage autos are repurposed by many residents, it is not uncommon to see woodies on the road. everything that should be a summer memory can be created in northern Michigan.

one morning, we spent some time talking with tom stewart, owner of the old sport gallery.  he is a PGA life member, and was a friend of Alden Dow.

there is something special about these northern Michigan towns.  and, i am so glad that a smaller percentage of people choose to visit there, as i feel this is a secret that shouldn’t be shared.


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