college football season has begun and oh what a great weekend of football games.  in anticipation of great television, i searched for some easy and tasty recipes to serve along with old favorites.  this recipe will keep the cook out of the kitchen and back with the exciting game plays.

to make these wraps:
gather the ingredients and prepare the tomatoes.  i used dried tomatoes from the produce section, chopped and mixed them with light mayonnaise.  this step can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator until wrap assembly.

when wrap time is evident, spread the tomato spread evenly over one side of each tortilla.  i use low carbohydrate whole wheat tortillas.  then layer – shredded lettuce, onions if desired, (i left those out), and crispy bacon.  season with salt and ground pepper. roll in wraps and slice in half to serve.  if serving on a platter, use toothpicks to secure the wraps.

i baked the bacon in advance, drained and wrapped in a paper towel and tin foil, storing in the refrigerator until ready to use.  i actually think the chilled bacon is very tasty in this wrap.

the wraps were served with a side of fresh coleslaw made with Marie’s all natural yogurt coleslaw dressing, which claims to have half the fat and 1/3 fewer calories and no preservatives.

i add dried dill to the coleslaw for a very tasty side dish. this was a perfect game day meal that i will certainly serve again.


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