my new breville soft top kettle

tomorrow is October 1 and i can’t deny that fall has arrived in mid-Michigan.  the leaves are just about at peak color, and my yard is full of reds and yellows.  i must admit that the color is spectacular this year, which makes turning on the heat in the house a bit easier. 

i splurged a week ago and decided to purchase a soft top breville kettle, mainly just to see what the excitement is about these new electric hot pots.  well..i do understand why the buzz has been in the media lately about using them for everything from hot tea to anytime boiling water is needing for cooking.  i love this kettle.  it seems that i no more than turn it on, and the water is ready…and it holds seven cups at a time. wow!

no more waiting for the old fashioned stove top kettle to whistle, and no more worry about the boiling water splashing out of the le creuset pot onto the counter when i pour my tea.  this kettle can be poured while it is boiling and no splashing !  i love that !

the 1500 rapid watt element boils so quickly and efficiently, and even shuts off just after boiling to prevent overheating and accidents from leaving the pot on long term.

i recommend this product for everything from making a cup of tea to boiling water for stock and other general cooking uses.  i have been enjoying my breville kettle since the temperatures have dropped. it has helped me to transition into fall, and the soon to be  winter cold and snow falls.  i know my new kettle will keep me warm and cozy.

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