i usually don’t promote prepackaged foods, however; i have found this wonderful product that is all natural made from fruit and nuts.  these bars have been on the market since 2003, but i recently found them in my gourmet food store.
if you have not tried them, i suggest you look for them soon.  some have antioxidants added, others have nuts and spices, and all are made with healthy grains.  i haven’t tried any with chocolate, and have centered on using these for a healthy snack on the go, when i don’t have a piece of fresh fruit available.
they are gluten free, low glycemic, a good source of fiber, have very low sodium, dairy free, no trans fats, and don’t have any sulfer dioxide.
some of the best flavors are almond and coconut, pomegranate blueberry pistachio with antioxidants, cashew and ginger spice, and cranberry almond with antioxidants.  look for them in the health food section of your market as well, although not all of the flavors might be available.  check out the website for more information.
these bars are delicious and have under 200 calories.

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