scotch rice krispie treats

this recipe for rice krispie treats uses peanut butter for a different flavor variation.  i have had this recipe for years and although there are many online, i find this one to be the old time classic.

at times, i have added a layer of melted chocolate to the top of these bars and also had a great result.

to make the treats:  place 3 cups of rice krispies in a large mixing bowl.  in a double boiler, melt 1/2 cup peanut butter with 6 ounce of butterscotch morsels. pour over the cereal and mix well until all krispies are covered.  press into a 9 by 9 square pan that has been prepared with baking spray and lined with waxed paper for easy removal.  press in firmly   chill for at least one hour prior to cutting into bars.  if desired, just after pressing into bars, melt 6 ounces of chocolate in a double boiler and spread on top of the bars prior to chilling.

great for fall and especially halloween as the children are running door to door gathering candy and treats for the holiday.


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