kale comes from the cabbage family, and is sometimes referred to as wild cabbage.  the stalks do not form a head, and kale is purchased in bunches.  i paid less than fifty cents for a large bunch of kale at the market two weeks ago.

kale has a high nutritional value in vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, and lutein.  kale also contains a chemical that boosts DNA repair and blocks the formation of cancer cells.  it is one of the best dark green leafy vegetables for nutritional consumption.

when baked, kale takes on the consistency of a potato chip.  my daughter Amy has been baking kale for more than two years now.  i have only recently become a fan.

to bake the kale into chips:  prepare a sheet pan with a spray of olive oil.  cut the kale from the stalks with a kitchen scissor used only for kitchen use.  spread the kale on the sheet pan and season as desired.  i used a seasoning blend and some black pepper.

bake at 350 degrees for about four minutes and toss and stir on the pan.  return to the oven and bake for another four minutes, checking to make certain the kale does not over cook.  based on the amount of kale on the sheet, the cooking time varies.  but, most often, no more than ten minutes will be required for a full sheet pan of kale.

do not walk away from the kale while it is baking.  it only takes a few minutes to become crisp and tasty.  i serve this as a side vegetable along with any entree.


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