great lakes tea and spice company offers an incredible variety of artisan tea and herbal tisane blends ranging from black, oolong, green, and white.  a majority of them are certified organic, single estate teas, while others have been carefully blended with spices, herbs, and inspired flavor combinations.  all of the tea blends are of premium to superior quality from hand-selected growers throughout the world.

these teas are sold in many locations up North in Michigan.  i have found several favorites at the store in glen arbor, which i truly enjoy.  roasted almond delight, orange cream smoother, and organic toasted coffee almond are among the best flavors of tea around.

loose teas used in a tea ball impart the freshest flavor and taste.  since i sample many different teas throughout the year, i am certain to recommend several different tastes.  however, tea from great lakes tea and spice never disappoints me.  i look forward to a moment with the tea to just savor the flavor and relax.

for more information, follow this link:


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