garlic knot rolls

Imageas a food blogger, i often am online looking at other food blogs, reading and learning about many different types of cooking and baking.  many food bloggers seem to look for quick and easy ways to adapt recipes for weekday meals.

here is one of those recipes that i found online at  it is a recipe that is prepared with refrigerated crescent rolls.  i used the lower fat version of the rolls to save a few calories.

these garlic knots take about two minutes to prepare and are baked according to the directions on the refrigerated can.  to assemble them, first melt 4 tablespoons of margarine or butter and add minced garlic to taste.  with each triangle of dough, form into a knot, and then dip through the garlic butter mixture.  

place the rolls on a baking sheet.  bake per the package directions.  easy as that and very tasty to serve with pasta or a savory salad entree.  i would not say these are as good as traditional garlic toast, but they are a quick option for a last minute dinner addition.

to add to this recipe, sesame or poppy seeds could be sprinkled on top of the rolls before baking.



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