roasted potatoes and tomatoes


when the dinner entrée is complicated with many steps or lots of preparation time, i usually opt for easy accompaniments. these two side dishes are quick and easy, present well, and go with just about any type of main dish.

these roasted potato wedges are simply sliced Idaho potatoes into long wedges, similar in size.  Ina Garten shows these in several of her cookbooks, and features them along side just about everything from fish to roasted beef.  they are simply placed on a baking sheet with an olive oil drizzle, mixed well with the seasoning of choice and baked at 425 degrees for at least 35 minutes.  this is one of those recipes that depending on what else is in the oven, they may take longer to brown and cook.  i usually toss them with a garlic and herb seasoning, parsley and ground pepper. Be warned, they are delicious.

to go along with the tomatoes, i have served roasted cherry tomatoes.  again, these are tossed with oil and seasoned to taste and baked on another sheet pan.  

these are recipes that can adapt to the number of guests and are quick to prepare even at the last-minute. i like the slightly charred look of the tomatoes and the crispy brown ends of the potatoes.

present them nicely in serving dishes on the table so the party guests can take as many as they please.  for those guests who are deciding to have less carbohydrates at the meal, they won’t be intimidated by a large baked potato. they can simply choose one or two wedges.ImageImage


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