roasted pork loin for the holidays



for the holidays this year, i made roast pork. serving pork is very traditional in England, served with literally hundreds of different types of glazes and seasonings. actually, pork is a fabulous alternative to beef or chicken, and i ask for the roast to be frenched, so the presentation is elegant.

the most tender cuts of pork come from the rib and loin sections of the animal, and this roast would be similar to a prime rib in the beef world.  the ends of this roast were trimmed of all meat and fat.

to begin:  season the roast with salt and pepper to taste, while preheating a 375 degree oven.  place the pork in a heated pan on the stove-top to sear the outside of the meat.  this will give a wonderful flavor to the roast.  sear each side of the roast for about four minutes.  next, place the roast on a roast rack in the roasting pan, and add fresh thyme and rosemary branches to flavor the meat while it is cooking in the oven.  place the roast in the oven and bake for about one hour uncovered.  remove from the oven and apply a glaze of your choice and then return to the oven for at least thirty more minutes uncovered.  i use an orange glaze that i had previously posted on this blog in April 2011, under roasted boneless pork loin glaze. another alternative would be to simply warm about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of orange marmalade and use that to baste your roast. pork is fully cooked when the inner temperature of the roast is over 145 degrees.

the recipe recommends allowing the pork to rest prior to serving for twenty minutes.  i usually add fresh stalks of rosemary from my garden and fresh thyme to the serving platter, discarding those that had been used during the cooking process.  




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