today seems to be the perfect day to be dreaming of life by the sea.  it is cold and snowy with prospects of more of the same in the days ahead.  one of my most favorite places to just “be” is anywhere on the east coast. over the years our family has spent many vacations visiting and touring cities on the Atlantic seaboard.  however, i must say that i truly love and enjoy the coast of Maine and the islands off Massachusetts.  that being said, i cannot leave off the Hamptons.  known often through celebrity mentions, the area drips with style and class.

when i saw this cookbook about the Lauren family and their forty-year history of residence in the Hampton’s, including Southampton, Amagansett, east Hampton, and Montauk; i couldn’t resist asking for this captivating book of food, family and history as a gift.

since November, i have been pouring over the photos, stories and memories of Ricky Lauren and her life with noted ralph Lauren.  her memoir includes tried and true recipes that she has made and served over the years, many with a classic seacoast theme. of course, her family had chefs over the years that shared their talents with Ricky and she gives them credit throughout the book.

the book is more than a cookbook, although it is divided by meals and includes menus and suggestions for “serve alongs” with preparation tips. the food palate reminds me much of Ina Garten’s cooking techniques, and her knack for simple easy food, prepared with style.

this is a family of style and fashion, and the photographs portray their love of color, the water, and all things beautiful. the food photography is elegant and the large format gives this book a flair like none other.

Ricky Lauren is an author, photographer, artist, and a psychotherapist, holding graduate degrees from Columbia University.

if you are interested in a beautiful cooking experience with an escape to all things beautiful, i would recommend this book.  on a cold day in Michigan, this is what i am reading.



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