my recipe searches take me everywhere, even i tunes where i often listen to the Harwood podcast network.  over the past couple of years, i have tried several of their recipes with great success.  like other recipes i enjoy, these seem to be quite simplistic with great flavor and ease of preparation.

i made this rice to go along with fish cakes one day last week.  i adapted the recipe a bit to our taste, and we enjoyed it a great deal.

to make the rice:

saute one chopped white onion with 1/2 cup green pepper chopped and 1/2 cup sweet red pepper chopped in 2 tablespoons sesame oil.  i chopped the peppers quite thin so they would mix with the rice easily.  

during this time, i cooked 2 cups of white rice, but any type of rice could be substituted.  next, i added the sautéed mixture to the rice when it was finished cooking, and then in the same saute pan, i cooked one can of pineapple tidbits. i cooked the pineapple long enough to warm the fruit, and slightly brown the edges, allowing for the excess moisture to evaporate away in the pan. 

next, add the pineapple to the rice and mix.  if desired, season the pineapple rice with salt or even soy sauce.  i did not add any additional seasonings.

if you are interested in any other recipes from the Harwood podcast network, search online at   


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