portobello mushroom burgers


since i haven’t been a red meat-eater since 1994, i opt for variations of ways to still have a weeknight hamburger from time to time. my favorite substitution has to be the Portobello mushroom burger.  the meaty taste from the grilled mushroom paired with my favorite condiments easily replaces the longing for a real burger.

by using a slim bun, this mushroom sandwich really decreases the amount of fat, calories, and proves to be a much healthier alternative to hamburger. the condiments are limitless and help to increase the value of the tastiness of the mushroom.  making your favorite aioli would be a nice surprise and a great flavor addition.

to make this recipe, i simply clean Portobello mushrooms with a damp cloth, removing any dirt from the flesh.  i cut the stem off and remove it completely, and scrape away the black scales on the underside of the mushroom.  next i grill the mushroom with a bit of pam grilling spray on the stove top.  i like to press the mushroom down when i flip it over and usually cover it with a lid to make certain that the juices remain but the mushroom is cooked tender.  this process takes about 12 to 15 minutes total.  the mushroom can be seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and herbs, or parsley to taste.

when ready to serve, top with sliced red onion, lettuce, tomato, sliced pickles, sprouts, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup or a combination of all of these choices. select a bun and made certain to lightly toast for added flavor.  melted cheese is always another option.

try this recipe just once instead of hamburger, and i promise you will be surprised at the flavor and taste appeal.


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