for those quick after work dinners, this tasty sandwich is one of the best.  the chicken can even be grilled in advance and stored in the refrigerator just before grilling.

choose from the following toppings and stack the sandwich before grilling: a selection of cheese, spinach, grilled onions, grilled peppers, sprouts,  sun-dried tomatoes, and pickles. 

i also used a home-made basil mayonnaise which gave the sandwich just the right amount of zest.  the herbal taste gives the chicken a spark and takes away the mundane nature of another chicken sandwich.  i highly recommend adding a topping. watch for the recipe of the mayonnaise in tomorrow’s blog.

i used provolone cheese for this Panini, which melts nicely and provides a nice backdrop to the vegetables. my Cuisinart Panini maker works perfectly and gives just the right amount of heat to grill these sandwiches to perfection. these Panini can also be made on the stove top with the grill pan and a metal spatula with equal success.

one final tip for panini making.  be sure to choose a sturdy grilling bread that will hold up to the weight of the sandwich. it is your choice when it comes to choosing the grilling oil, either olive oil or butter works to perfection. a very little will go a long way, so no need to be heavy-handed when preparing the sandwiches.


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