easy pork chop suey



pork chop suey has never been easier.  this recipe is made in a slow cooker, and cooks in 4 to 6 hours.  i used about one pound of boneless lean pork chops, cut into small cubes, 1 small white onion chopped into wedges, one can of sliced bamboo shoots that were drained, my homemade teriyaki sauce, and some minced ginger.

i mixed these ingredients in the slow cooker and set it on low for 5 hours.  about half way through the cooking time, i stirred the ingredients.  about 30 minutes before dinner time, i added one small can of drained mushroom slices, and one small can of bean sprouts that had been drained.  i also thawed one package of broccoli and  added these vegetables to the mixture.

red pepper, salt and pepper can be added to taste.  serve with rice or noodles.

hint:  my teriyaki sauce recipe is on the blog and was posted yesterday.  if you prefer store-bought glaze, that works just as well in this recipe.

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