cookbook review: Tyler Florence family meal



today, there are many definitions of family.  there are many types of families.  please don’t judge this book because the word family is in this title.  many might think this book is about serving big meals to big groups of people.  i have found that Tyler Florence has captured the real essence of family in his cookbook.  it can have the meaning of two people, it can mean taking a dish to a potluck meal, or it can mean sharing a dish with a neighbor.  whatever type of family you bring together, this recipe book will have a suggestion for your next dish.  

the book is filled with beautiful photos and large printed directions.  chapters in the book include: brunch, simple dinners, easy desserts, my southern roots, soups and starters, mains and sides, a good old-fashioned potluck and more.  

i would say the book could be classified as sophisticated cuisine, with a basic twist.  many recipes are familiar with Tyler’s influence for upscale quality.  the recipes are not difficult, not those that require a day of preparation.  however, they are not the standard comfort food fare.

some of my favorites include:  braised leeks, roasted California fennel, vanilla poached pears, and roasted kale chips.

i highly recommend this book.  i promise you will learn something about family, food, and Tyler.  i know you will enjoy the photos, his information about California wine country, and his love for cooking.  and watch my blog, as i share some of his dishes with you in the coming months.

if you are like me, and enjoy a good cookbook “read”.  this is one for you, even if you don’t cook.



  1. Karen,
    I bet Meredith’s older sister would be interested in the roasted kale chips. She grows kale and makes kale soup. She just got a dehydrator and I overheard her say she can make kale chips in that. Kale produces so heavily that I would think she could use a new idea as you mentioned in your blog. Cheers, Sue


  2. thanks for another great cookbook review. so love your posts!! i won’t be at master gardeners tonight. have a great day. jennifer


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