rainbow carrots



spring is here.  last weekend i found these rainbow carrots at whole foods.  we don’t have that market in midland, but we were traveling and i just had to stop.  i guess that would have to be the definition of a true foodie.  i grocery shop when i travel.

these rainbow carrots are so pretty and i prepared them the same way i have done in the past.  in fact, i blogged my vanilla carrots recipe back in December 2010.

these carrots are simply prepared with a vanilla bean, boiled alongside the carrots.  first, i clean and peel the carrots. i choose those with stems and trim them back, leaving part of the stem for presentation — cleaning thoroughly before placing in the saute pan with water to cover.

after the carrots have almost all liquid boiled away, i add a tablespoon or two of margarine and about a tablespoon of light brown sugar.  

these carrots have a hint of vanilla and are simply delicious.  these rainbow carrots can also be roasted if preferred.  the colors become vibrant with cooking, though the taste remains similar to other traditional orange carrots.

try these carrots, as they are easy to prepare and provide a beautiful presentation.


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