easter eggs



happy Easter everyone and happy spring!  after reading so many articles on how to naturally dye Easter eggs, i thought i would give it a try.  i learned some secrets during the process that would make my next attempt even more successful.

first of all, this technique takes planning.  be certain to have ingredients to make all of the colors desired.  i used green tea, black tea, coffee, red tea, and Cabernet red wine. i would have liked to have tried blueberries, grape juice and carrots.

all of the ingredients need to be boiled long enough for the color to be released into the liquid. for the coffee and tea, i simply boiled water in my kettle, and poured over the ingredients.  i used glass jars, and boiled the eggs in advance in my Cuisinart egg cooker.

this worked well.  i also allowed the eggs to rest in the liquid in the refrigerator for more than two hours before removing from the dye bath.  i would recommend even longer.  i would also recommend using 3-4 tea bags per egg, and enough coffee for a 6 cup pot to dye one egg.  using more of the ingredient will get even better results.


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