the best pizza ever



i think i found the secret to professionally made pizzas. it is the choice of cheese.  i guess that makes sense to me now that i have tried just about every type of pizza crust, pizza toppings, and pizza styles.  i have tried Martha Stewart’s recipes, giada’s, Ina Garten’s, and many more.  all of them have great results, but today’s recipe is by far the best pizza ever.

choose your own crust.  i simply purchased frozen pizza dough in a ball.  i thawed the dough and  prepared the crust with Pam olive oil spray.  i could have easily used any of my other pizza crust recipes.  because, the secret to this pizza is the cheese.

next, use 7 ounces of Fontina shredded cheese.  place the cheese on top of the dough that has been stretched onto the pizza pan.  season the cheese with pizza seasoning, sea salt, ground pepper, parsley, and sesame seeds around the edges.


bake the cheese pizza in a preheated 400 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes until the cheese is bubbly and brown.  rotate the pizza half way during the cooking time.

after removing from the oven, add chopped fresh parsley.  another option would be to add baby arugula.



i will only use this recipe from today forward.  it is that good.

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