as an ultimate hot tea addict, i search everywhere for the best tea blends and tea products.  i am a huge fan of teavana stores and products.  since we live less than two hours away from several teavana shops, i tend to visit them when we are travelling.  of course, i have been known to do some online shopping as well, since they offer many online coupons as well.

one of their products, unprocessed German rock sugar, has to be an all-time favorite for my daily tea.  there is just something about using this type of natural sugar to sweeten my tea that doesn’t compare to other types of sweeteners.  white sugar tends to overpower tea for me, as does some of the manufactured sweeteners.  i do like truvia, but like the other sweeteners, it can have a strong sweet taste if too much is added to the brew.

however, this rock sugar is spectacular.  i can’t say enough about how much better my tea blends taste with just a couple of small rocks. if you are not familiar with teavana or their products, check out this website for more information.


2 responses to “rock sugar”

  1. Susan Avatar

    I have never tried this sugar Karen. I usually drink my tea plain but this would be interesting to try. I am a huge tea fan or snob :-) The place I get my tea from is Upton Tea (


    1. karenellenmills Avatar

      i only use a couple of little rocks and the taste is elevated in a subtle manner. i never thought of myself as a “tea snob”, but i guess that is what i am too !


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