a garden sandwich



sandwiches can be healthy and this one is also delicious. again,as any recipe can be altered, this one from p. allen smith’s cookbook, was adjusted to our tastes.  he suggests using an herbed goat cheese spread on the sandwich, which i omitted.  he also adds a vinaigrette to the vegetables before adding to the sandwich, which i also chose not to make.

i simply chose my greens and vegetables, and using an artisanal bread, made a super tasty garden sandwich.

the vegetables that i used were:  mesclun lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber slices, sliced red pepper, red onion slices, salt and pepper, and radish slices. layer the ingredients on the bottom half of the sandwich, season, and add cheese if desired.  i used one slice of provolone cheese, although other types of cheese could be substituted.  enjoy with a side salad, fruit or just a cup of tea.



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