adapted from Ina Garten’s cookbook titled barefoot contessa parties, i made this roasted pork dish last weekend.  i had spring leeks and a large spring fennel bulb from the market, and wanted to roast them alongside the pork.  in Ina’s recipe, she made a thyme and mustard rub and flavored her pork with thyme and garlic, which sounded good.  i opted to omit those additions, and used the pork for Bar-B-Q sandwiches after the roasting.  


the potatoes, leeks and fennel bulb were cleaned and sliced — then mixed with some olive oil, salt and pepper and simply placed around the pork roast.

i baked the roast covered with 2 cups of broth under the roasting rack to keep the meat moist and tender.  using a 375 degree oven, i roasted the dish for about 30 minutes per pound and tested with a meat thermometer for proper cooking temperature.

we ate the vegetables and shredded the pork, after removing the protective string. by adding barbecue sauce and heating over the stove, the meat bathes in the sauce and is perfect for any type of Bar-B-Q meal.

pork is a bland meat, similar to the other white meat — chicken.  so, seasoning the meat with a variety of spices or herbs gives many choices to preparation techniques.  the barbecue sauce we used was Stonewall Kitchen’s Honey Barbecue Sauce.  It was extremely tasty.  

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