dwarf spring iris


my garden is beginning to green up and a few spring flowers are blooming.  some of my favorites have to be my dwarf iris.  they are only about 4 or 5 inches tall, but they are so cute.  these flowers help me get ready to be out in the garden again. i just love them.

i have planted these over the past two to three years, and it looks like they are already needing a division.  so, will plan to divide them just after they bloom this year.  i will have even more next year, when i space them around.  often these small plants tend to crowd each other out, and they will dwindle in number if i just ignore them.

dwarf iris are available in a few different shades, but not as many as the traditional larger iris or bearded iris which bloom much later in the season. i have read that dwarf iris are not as cold tolerant as other iris, but so far they have been hardy enough for Michigan weather.






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