there is a thrill of watching my mayapple spring from the ground each spring.  a fellow friend and gardener shared three mayapple with me several years ago and today, i have a nice little patch in my shade garden.  the umbrella-like leaves just make me feel so happy.  the umbrella is closed as the mayapple comes forth from the ground, and then the next day — it opens.  magic!

later on, a white flower will form, and from that will come a yellow like fruit.  this herb is poisonous, although some of those rock bands in the 60’s thought otherwise.  i guess that was the psychedelic era where just about anything was deemed experimental material.

well.  my mayapple are growing nicely and provide a nice look for my small open woodland shade garden.  they are doing well in partial shade with soil enriched with plenty of organic matter.

other names for this plant are:  duck’s food, ground lemon, devil’s apple, Indian apple, and raccoon berry.  




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