one of my favorite spring time plantings has to be the Lenten rose or hellebore. these plants have to be some of the easiest plants to grow with clusters of cup-shaped flowers.  they are available in white, pink, and shades of plum.  they are absolutely the most spectacular plant for spring enjoyment.

the green leaves form a mound after the plant has bloomed and look very nice in the garden, as compared to daffodils that tend to have such flopping leaves after their blooms.

hellebore grow nicely in a shade garden under deciduous trees. the flowers can be cut and brought inside to float in a water-filled bowl to admire.  i added a few more to my garden this year and hope to have many more in the garden soon.  

photographs in my Taylor’s master guide to gardening show plants that are spectacular in size.  i look forward to many years of spring flowers.


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