i was lucky enough to have a friend who was growing Egyptian walking onions, and she shared some plants with me last year.  i love these onions.  they are so unique and will provide so much fun to your herb garden.  

they are very hardy and will grow nicely in Michigan gardens coming back year after year. they will grow up to three feet in height, and prefer sun, will tolerate some shade, however; they don’t like to have wet feet.

they are called walking onions, because when the plant becomes so tall and heavy on top, the onion topsets fall to the ground and create another plant — usually several feet from the mother plant.  thus, the plants seem to spread or walk around the garden.  over the years, people say their plants have walked the back fence line.

the topsets on these onions look like tiny bulbs — instead of forming seeds. during the plant’s first growing season, they will not form these topsets, just the greens.

the green part of the onion can be used in dishes just like green onions, but the onion itself must never be pulled or there will no longer be a plant to “walk.”

i am so excited to see my plants grow this year.  it will be a first for my garden.  for more information about walking onions, check out this website:


3 responses to “egyptian walking onions”

  1. Thomas Vasale Avatar

    These sound like the onions I call “Top Multipliers” I break off some of the top bulblets (probably not the correct name for them) and use them in place of shallots.


    1. karenellenmills Avatar

      the link says that the bulblets can be eaten a variety of ways…do you grow these too? i just discovered these onions last year, and i think they are amazing.


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