i am a collector of plants. not every plant, but certain plants, i collect different varieties of the same plant.  for example, i love spring daffodils.  i know i have planted hundreds of them over the years, and i expect them to last forever, only to be disappointed that they don’t always come back.  even they have a lifespan.  so, i have made a promise with myself to plant daffodils every year so i will always have a spring bed of daffodils.  

now, some of my gardening friends would say that i have narcissus and jonquils also growing in my yard, but i call all of these plants daffodils.  i like the large cupped flowers, the two-tone colored flowers, the doubles, the ones with drooping yellow trumpets, and all the rest.  i haven’t found a daffodil that i don’t like.  and, after a cold winter and a damp lack luster april, i am thrilled to be looking at these sunny blooms.

i apply a bulb fertilizer when i see the shoots appearing from the ground. excellent drainage is very important for these flowers, so don’t plant in a wet zone.  also, daffodils need sunlight.  so, don’t plant them in a shade zone of your garden bed.  they will never come up. i have tried.

when i plant the bulbs every fall, i make sure to have a nice mulched leaf bed over them to protect the ground over the winter.  when i think it is warming up, i move the leaves aside and look for the emerging shoots.  i make certain to clear the leaves away in the spring to allow as much sunlight directed to the ground to wake up those little bulbs from their winter’s nap.




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